Work with me

Firstly, I consider it my Dharma [my definition of Dharma, as there are many: to support the Truth] to be of service and facilitate peoples’ growth towards Truth, happiness and a deeper love and understanding of themselves and others. In this way we have better, more loving, more fun and longer-lasting relationships, both with ourselves, and with others. We live in harmony with ourselves and the world.

This started as a paragraph, but I realised it might be better read as a sort of manifesto, as my commitment to you, in whatever way we might connect and work together:

  • I am here to support you and to truly SEE you and BE with you, whatever your circumstance, wherever you are and however you feel.

  • I am here to stand beside you, and reflect back to you, your Truth.

  • I am here to be a powerful catalyst for change in your life.

  • I am here to challenge you, and shift the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself and the world.

  • I am here to honour you, the real You, the one that is also me.

  • I am here to help you fully integrate every part of yourself, light and dark, until you feel whole, complete and full.

  • I am here to love you, with all of my being, as part of the Oneness, and as fellow child of the Earth, God, Universe or whatever you choose to call it.

If it feels aligned, I would love for us to work together and create the changes you want in your life, either with life coaching or session by session integrative 121 counselling. You can find out more about them here:


ways we can work together

Clarity, Compassion and Confidence

Integrative Counselling

A safe space for you to explore whatever is troubling you, with someone who won’t judge you and will support you in healing the past and setting up more nourishing patterns for the future. Learn more

Bespoek Therpeutic Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Helping you create the future you want, in a way that feels graceful and peaceful. A strong container for growth and development which can be combined with counselling for an holistic approach. Learn more