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Firstly, I consider it my Dharma [my definition of Dharma, as there are many: to support the Truth] to be of service and facilitate peoples’ growth towards Truth, happiness and a deeper love and understanding of themselves and others. In this way we have better, more loving, more fun and longer-lasting relationships, both with ourselves, and with others. We live in harmony with ourselves and the world.

This started as a paragraph, but I realised it might be better read as a sort of manifesto, as my commitment to you, in whatever way we might connect and work together:

  • I am here to support you and to truly SEE you and BE with you, whatever your circumstance, wherever you are and however you feel.

  • I am here to stand beside you, and reflect back to you, your Truth.

  • I am here to be a powerful catalyst for change in your life.

  • I am here to challenge you, and shift the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself and the world.

  • I am here to honour you, the real You, the one that is also me.

  • I am here to help you fully integrate every part of yourself, light and dark, until you feel whole, complete and full.

  • I am here to love you, with all of my being, as part of the Oneness, and as fellow child of the Earth, God, Universe or whatever you choose to call it.

I currently have three ways for us to work together and create the changes you want in your life: bespoke 121 therapeutic life coaching packages, unlimited 121 private video messaging and session by session integrative 121 counselling. You can find out more about them here:


ways we can work together

Conscious Conversations

Conscious Conversations

Finding peace in a crazy world… Think of me as your life coach on retainer – private, 121 video messages between you and me, whenever you need them, at a super affordable monthly rate. Learn more

Bespoek Therpeutic Life Coaching

Blockbuster Session

A one off deeply transformative session to clear the blocks to unconditional love and kickstart your next steps with courage, strength and stability. Learn more

Clarity, Compassion and Confidence

Clarity, Compassion & Confidence 4 Week Programme

Four weeks to embody three key energies to transform your relationship with yourself and everyone else. A combination of power workshops and tailored 121 sessions. Learn more