The Happiness Plan

Welcome to a world where you wake up feeling grateful to be alive.

Welcome to a world where you know you can handle anything, and have a laugh along the way.

Welcome to a world where you feel supported and loved, no matter what your circumstances.

Welcome to a world in which you’re madly in love with your life.

Welcome, to The Happiness Plan

I never thought it would be possible to feel like this…..happy…..genuinely, blissfully happy. I’ve had some challenging, rubbish periods in my life. I’ve sat at the bottom of the shower and cried my eyes out wondering when it would all end. Those are days I will NEVER repeat.

I’m a counsellor and coach now. I’m a yoga and mindfulness teacher too. I spend my days helping people climb out of the hole they’re in, for whatever reason, and help them realise that life can be fun and joyful and exciting.

I’ve worked with people from all walks of life: high powered execs to the unemployed; people from all different cultures and ethnicities facing all manner of difficulties from bereavement, retirement, life threatening health conditions and anxiety to depression and stress.

There are courses out there for every single issue going and for every type of person. That’s great. It’s specific, and you might want specific. I however, have always been a one size fits all kind of woman. I want the gadget that does EVERYTHING. I want the multivitamin that does it ALL. I want to conquer things in one fell swoop.

So I look for commonalities in things. I look for patterns. I crave systems and processes that marry up the different aspects of my life, and so It’s no surprise that I found one with my work.

Over the years, I’ve honed and condensed my skills, after all, no-one wants to be in therapy forever. I’ve found a balance between working deeply with my clients, and developing a set of universal steps to work through (and pull out to use again and again) to propel you directly from feeling any kind of bad, to feeling the BEST kind of happy.

This six part video course and workbook is designed to create change in all aspects of your life:

  • Your sense of self-worth
  • Your confidence
  • Your relationships
  • Your health
  • and your work

It really is a catch all. Ask my clients – time and again they come back to me amazed that such simple steps can work EVERY TIME, no matter what the situation.

“Thank you for opening the door of a new life chapter and leading me through from the dark in to the light and hope.”


“Using the simple skills Emma taught me, my anxiety has reduced massively, I’m eating, feeling and sleeping better. I recommend all my friends to Emma – even the ones who seem fine because you can never be too happy!”


If you’re ready to fall madly in love with your life, click below and start the journey straight away.

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