Conscious Conversations


Finding peace in a crazy world…

Think of me as your life coach on retainer – private, 121 video messages between you and me, whenever you need them, at a super affordable monthly rate.

You’ve wondered what it would be like if you were able to deal with things as soon as they came up.

You’ve found yourself triggered by something someone said or did, but didn’t know who to turn to in order to make sense of it.

Sometimes you just want to scream or cry or have a meltdown and not be judged for it.

You have great friends, but they always want to try to ‘fix’ things for you, when you really just want them to listen and witness you.

You want someone to challenge you on a daily basis and be your spiritual running buddy as you shift into a deeper sense of who you are.

You want all these things.

You need Conscious Conversations.

Conscious Conversations is my way of being with you whenever you need me. I will laugh and cry with you, witness you, and challenge you to sink ever more deeply into who you are, and the peace and love I know you to be.

Here’s how it works:

This is an intimate 121 connection between you and me. An on-going conscious conversation to deepen your relationship to yourself, and to all those you interact with. You will gain a deeper level of understanding of who you are, clear out triggering beliefs and heal painful emotions, all whilst developing a greater sense of peace, well-being and purpose.

All messages take place via the free app ‘Telegram’. It’s very similar to WhatsApp, but allows us to send slightly longer videos and is more secure (although I take no responsibility for the confidentiality of anything sent via the app). I love it, and if you’re self-conscious, it can be especially great because you don’t have to see anyone else whilst you’re sharing!

You are welcome to share anything that you feel called to share with me, any time you feel called to, and we can talk, chat, discuss, challenge or otherwise dialogue in any way that feels good. Sometimes even silence can be a powerful blessing in feeling witnessed and heard.

There is no hierarchy in this connection, only the Truth of our own understanding. We honour and learn from each other by consciously sharing what feels true and honest for us at the time, and having that reflected back. You will be invited to reflect on certain things, but it is always your choice to engage with this energy.

There is no pressure to watch or respond to messages on either side within traditional time constraints. I encourage you to use your intuition to ensure you’re sharing and receiving in a way that feels good for you so that you are able to show up fully. 

This is a super flexible way to work with me one on one, and really feel like you have me to support you, walking alongside you, whenever you need me…and to know that you’ll always have someone cheering you on to become the best version of yourself!

Who is Conscious Conversations for?


I created Conscious Conversations as a super accessible way to work with me.

It’s going to be great for you if there’s not something terribly specific you want to work on, but you’d still like the on-going support and mentorship of someone you trust.

It’s also really wonderful as a support system following more in depth coaching or therapy (with me or someone else).

If it sounds like something that could be calling you, trust your intuition and schedule an alignment call with me and we can discuss options and you can make a more informed decision then.

How we do it & how I support you:

Monthly subscription of £66 – cancel and rejoin at any time

Download the Telegram app and connect with me – I’ll send you an intro video so you can see how it works

We start straight away – Unlimited support from me via 121 private video message, within the guidelines of the subscription