Clarity, Compassion & Confidence

Creating better relationships all around

When you’re not certain who you are, it’s really hard to create & maintain balanced, healthy relationships with anyone else.

Transform your relationship with yourself and everyone else so that you feel open, confident and trusting in this four week one on one programme.


Here’s what you might secretly be wishing:

    • That you felt comfortable being yourself, no matter who you were with.
    • That you knew what ‘being yourself’ felt like.
    • That you wouldn’t have to feel guilty for not spending enough time on certain things or people because you’d actually be prioritising what you felt was most important for you.
    • That it is possible to actually feel optimistic, no matter what life throws at you.
    • That you could be the one who remembers a birthday AND gets spoilt on their own – equality in relationship – it IS a thing.
    • That you could be the confident woman you always dreamed of being.

And instead, this is your reality…

  • You’re constantly worrying about what (or whom) you’ve forgotten.
  • You wake up wondering how you’ll ever get through the day AND keep everyone happy.
  • You are always wondering what people think of you, and it’s normally not great.
  • You really wish you could put boundaries in place so people would stop walking all over you.
  • You’ve completely forgotten who you are, if you even knew in the first place.
  • You’re living in a constant state of low level stress, trying to figure out how to have drama-free relationships that YOU feel good about.

I help you to understand why your relationships aren’t the way you’d like and teach you how to have better ones.

For some people, there is a time in your life where breakthrough comes from breakdown. I was one of those people. I’d tried for so long to keep everyone happy – boyfriends, friends, work colleagues, parents. I should have seen the signs, but I was sure that I could push through it, if I just kept going.

The reality was that my Director at work, who was a family friend, approached my parents and told them I needed help because I wasn’t coping. I had a major meltdown when my parents tried to ask what was going on but eventually managed to mutter something about not really eating and not really knowing what to do and wanting to end it all. It actually felt like such a huge relief to admit I didn’t have it all together anymore and I needed some help.

After a few months of intensive therapy, I slowly started to get to know myself. I was eating enough to walk up a flight of stairs without stopping to rest, and I wasn’t a complete b*tch to anyone who dared say hello to me.

I had to do a lot of work to regain the trust of my colleagues, to feel like my friends wanted to hang out with me again, without being scared of me having a meltdown mid calorie-filled cocktail, and to trust myself in a relationship again. It was a really tough time.

I wish I’d have got help sooner.

We say that a lot in hindsight don’t we? I left it too long. I should have seen the signs. I wish…..

Please don’t let that be you.

I’m holding out a hand to you – I want to step in and support you to really figure out the patterns underneath the cracks in the relationships, and heal everything that needs moving in order for you to feel confident, open and trusting of yourself, and others.

I want you to feel like life is happening FOR you!

I recently discovered I was co-dependent. I was drained and unhappy with myself and very resentful. But I thought that was something I have to accept and live with.

I feel like I am able to set and hold my boundaries a lot better than I used to. I feel bigger (figuratively) and I speak more authentically and more bold. Even my hand writing has gotten bigger!

The biggest question I had about this shift in my life was, “Will I still care for others?’ Now, I know it’s possible to be caring and empathetic to others while still caring for myself and doing what is best for me.

I got way more than I expected from the program. The last module was my favorite as I struggled with boundaries the most. It didn’t take me long to see a significant change in my ability to hold on to my boundaries.

This program will get you where you want to be if you are serious about changing. It’s worth it. It really creates the feelings of being free and light. At least that’s what it did for me. And I say thank you to God who brought me and Emma together.


Sound good?

In this 4 week step-by-step programme, I will empower you to take stock of your life, what’s working and what isn’t, and give you the tools and strength to make changes that will support you, and your relationships, forever. You’ll learn how to see the world in a new way, so that whatever comes, you can experience it fully and move through it peacefully.

In my signature process we’ll:

  1. Learn how to stay in the room, even when things get hairy (so you can really show up for your life and relationships)
  2. Figure out the areas of your life that aren’t working, and how you’d like them to be instead, using relationships as your training ground
  3. Receive expert training to make those changes, and make them stick
  4. Be guided and held through the process of true transformation and inner growth, to show up as you were really meant to
  5. Get to know and embody the Confident, Open and Trusting you and learn how she can help you have wildly successful relationships (including the one with yourself).
  6. Know how this woman communicates her needs and desires with love and grace. Become this woman.
  7. Integrate and fully embody this women so you feel in control and loved, forever.

Basically, we strip back all the old patterns, self-doubt, rules and restrictions you’ve been living under, and re-write the playbook.

You get to choose how you want to play your life.

We’ll design it to be fun, ease-filled and joyful, with loving and fulfilling relationships. I’m with you for every step to make sure you make it happen, your way.

Honest feedback


“I definitely feel as if my energy has been shifting more positively.

I think my biggest surprise was not that I have been holding on to fears because I have been well aware of that. But rather, how easy it was to let go of, IF I just shifted my energy and my focus. I think I also have learned that I am much stronger than I realized and always have more options/opportunities than what I may see directly in front of me.
I feel great about moving forward.”

(After just module one of Clarity, Compassion and Confidence!)

“This programme has been an amazing journey for me. I’m uncovering some of the real impact some childhood events have had on me. Especially one in thing particular. I thought it had stayed in the past but I realized it had affected almost every aspect of my life. Thanks Emma you have been a wonderful support and the program presented itself at the perfect time in my life.”

“It became clear to me that since we worked together, my CONFIDENCE has improved massively, I feel FOCUSED & CONNECTED especially since I am trusting in my INTUITION these days! Yep, slowly over the last few months I have been getting more in touch with myself. I have come to understand how I connect to this world. What I also realise is that I am most in tune with the world when I am in tune with MYSELF. Whenever I listen to my intuition I know how I truly, deeply, authentically feel about something. It’s powerful stuff!

So just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for what you do, for your work and for being so AWESOME!”


How we do it & how I support you:

Four space-creating and results driven 121 sessions with me

Three power-workshops covering everything you need to know to take control (Staying in the room, Releasing judgment and embracing forgiveness and Boundaries and mindset)

Unlimited email support (office hours) for anything that comes up


Personal Investment: £450 (around $600)

Not sure yet?

I completely get it. Remember my brief period of insanity with the not eating and the being a b*tch and lots of therapy? You’re super busy and you’re right, you DON’T have the time right now. Stick with me and read on for two minutes anyway…

Ever heard the Buddhist saying, ‘If you have time, meditate for ten minutes a day. If you don’t have time, meditate for two hours a day.’?

Feeling tired, fed up, worn down and irritable, or not having the fulfillment in your relationships that you want are exactly the reasons why you need to make this time for yourself, now, before it’s too late. If you’re not feeling anything, maybe it’s time to change that too?

This is NOT a selfish act – this is an act of survival, for you, and your relationships.

Life is too short. Cliché or no cliché, it’s true.

The definition of insanity, as per Albert Einstein (who was, let’s face it, pretty darn smart), is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results.

I invite you to start doing things differently, and getting different results.

When I signed up for Clarity, Compassion & Confidence it felt like I was struggling with pretty much everything. I was stretched thin. Wanted to make changes personally, professionally and emotionally but didn’t know how. I was riddled in fears and semi aware of it but that terrified me more.I was just stuck in the no mans land of everything.

Having completed the program, I have rediscovered a sense of who I am and what I want to experience and achieve in my life. My focus is on creating/cocreating and achieving the intentions I put out in the world.

I honestly feel that anything I am interested in is possible. If my heart and desire are truly there, nothing can stop me from living a life I want and would be proud of.


Personal Trainer