In this moment, what’s most important to you? Where are you holding tension in your body? What needs to happen for you to feel peaceful? What thought can you choose to let go of, just for a moment?

I gave myself a mindfulness break a minute ago and realised that I hadn’t been fully present to what I was doing for at least the last hour. In that time I’ve responded to some emails, made myself a cup of tea, played with my dog, spoken with a friend and mentor and debated the meaning of atonement and researched planners for next year (leaning towards @dailygreatness again but Biz one this time!). All the while hunching my shoulders and thinking about the yoga I still have to do and what I might cook for my dinner.

I could beat myself up right now, but I won’t. Instead I’m going to be grateful for the awareness and the chance to shift into present-ness.
Life isn’t a constant. Allow it to move you

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