There is faith in my detachment.

There is a deeper understanding that tells me that no matter what happens – whether I’m received or not, whether I get the response I hoped would nurture me or I trigger someone and they respond with attack – there is a faith that it is all how it’s supposed to be, and if it’s not the way I thought, something even better than I could have imagined will come from it.

The way I communicate has shifted drastically in the last few years. Without realising it I used to be manipulative and deceptive. I would share something with an agenda: a hope of a particular response. When or if I didn’t get it, I felt hurt, aggrieved or resentful, like it was somehow the other person’s fault.

There is a different way to communicate which feels freeing, expansive and loving.
This way of communicating doesn’t depend on the other person’s response in order to be complete.
This way of communicating requires only that you share what’s coming up for you, with the intention of it serving everyone involved. You gift it to the world, and you gift it without any expectation of receiving anything back.

Anything you do receive back is a gift. ANYTHING you receive back is a GIFT.
Start thinking this way and you will see the changes in your relationships, and your own sense of calm and well-being.
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Photo taken at: Llyn Brenig

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