I have written so much these last few days, and it all feels too raw still to share. There are stories I want to tell you and people I want to sit down with and thank from the bottom of my heart: people for whom my presence may be nothing more than a passing interest, but who have shaken and awoken me in ways which are, in all probability, beyond words.

And so perhaps that is why I am writing and not posting. Perhaps the gratitude I want to express, and the tears I shed when I think about the gifts they’ve given me, is all that needs to be happening right now.

To Be, in the presence of the changes, in the acceptance of my past, in the love of my unknown future, and in the openness of allowing. That’s where I am. That’s the only place I need to be.

I’m back in Wales for thirteen more days, before I return to Sri Lanka. Some moments it feels like purgatory, and others, like sweet respite from the rollercoaster of emotions I felt and cannot wait to get back to.

And yet, I know that all I experienced in Sri Lanka, I can continue to experience and grow from here too. It’s a choice (thanks to my love @tylafowler ). I’ve also found more connection with my clients these last few weeks: like they somehow feel more open too, and the pinging open of my heart strings and dismantling of the walls have somehow found their way in to their hearts too.
Openness and vulnerability by osmosis – the way it always works.

At the end of the day that’s all that matters: to be able to sit with the feelings, good bad or otherwise, to be honest and to sit with another person in their pain and pleasure, bowing before the truth of the moment <3
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