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Connection is two people, interlacing their freedom, and choosing to be present to each other in that moment.

When that moment passes, we choose again.

And so she made her choice.
She chose herself, everytime:
It was the only choice to make.
For she understood why: that people only ever hurt her from a lack of understanding, a lack of clarity, or from a place of fear.
She recognised that she was the master of her fate, and she could choose herself, without putting up walls that would prevent light from entering, and allow herself to soften into her own compassion.
When she became able to remain open, to forgive herself and the other, there was a space for love to enter, and heal. This was her choice.

This is what connection is about. It’s about trusting another person enough to risk being hurt: to keeping your sovereignty and knowing what is right for you, whilst being open to allowing someone to show you what’s in their heart, and respecting their choices

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No matter what our circumstances, I challenge you not to be so completely in awe of nature – this view shows up for me every night, right from my kitchen window. I am so incredibly grateful to be humbled so profoundly every night and made to realise that I am such a small part of an insanely beautiful universe

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It’s always something

It’s always something.
If you’re feeling it.
If it’s happening.
It’s something.
Don’t dismiss what’s going on with you as nothing, or say you’re fine when you’re not.
It’s something. You’re something. It’s ok to acknowledge that

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And as she wandered through the archives of her old soul, she realised what she was, what she was capable of, and how whatever she had created for herself had allowed her to blossom into the person she was today.
She was not perfect. She was flawed and felt things too much for some people, but she loved hard, laughed hard and did her best to be present to all the facets of her life, constantly looking for the good and learning from that which hurt her.
She still had much to learn, but being able to accept her insecurities, the parts of her which felt less than whole, less desirable, made her all the more able to reach new heights. Because accepting where we are now is the only way to create change

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The not-knowing

There is beauty and simplicity in the not-knowing:
in the moments before the clarity comes and you can pause,
suspended above the decision
without the consequences
breathing into the neutrality
trusting that you will know,
exactly when you need to know

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Actions over words

I can talk a good talk, but if my actions aren’t in integrity with what I’m saying, thinking and feeling, I have nothing, and people will feel that.

I make a lot of “mistakes” in the name of learning, but I also use those misaligned moments to recalibrate and choose another way.

Let’s choose to have our actions represent who we truly are, to show love rather than fear, and to help us heal rather than separate.
What’s come before is not now. What do you choose now? How can you choose to be more loving and authentic with yourself?

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Which wolf will you feed?

Which wolf will you feed?

Even through turbulent times, we must remain focused. We must remember why we do this, what we hope for, what we are grateful for, and what we love.

Love is the common ground. It is the key to all the happiness we have, and all the happiness that is flowing into our lives.
We can choose love, over and over again, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of the pain: we can ask to see with love. That is our choice. It is our blessing.

We can forget that for a minute, or maybe even years, but it doesn’t matter how long it takes us to remember, once we do, our lives change for the better.

Artwork unknown – please credit if known

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And just like that, she remembered who she was.
She found herself once more: the part she had lost in the rubble and the angst of other peoples’ pain.
And though the memory of her own pain was still fresh, she knew now that the strength and grace she once felt had never truly left her.
Picking herself back up, and letting go of the parts of herself and the people in her life who no longer offered her reciprocity for her love, she took her first tentative steps forward, learning to trust herself to be open again, one step at a time

Photo taken at: Wales

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