Whilst I’d love to write something profound on the eve of 2018, I find myself thinking, it’s just a date: an arbitrary measure of the passing of time which doesn’t really mean anything.

Not so profound… In my search for simplicity this year, I’ve realised that attachment to ritual is futile – it will not, in and of itself, save you. Firstly, you do not need saving, and secondly, rituals were only ever designed to provide us with portals, a focus for our intention and love to increase our own personal power.

No-one needs rituals, resolutions or ceremonies, yet sometimes they can help make sacred something you would have otherwise not given appropriate time or effort to.

We are still in the depths of winter in the northern hemisphere, and it seems out of sync to be in full on ‘doing’ mode. Instead I’ll be taking the next week to hibernate and reflect some more and maybe, once I’m in the sunny climes of Sri Lanka I’ll feel better placed to put myself out there and bring back some purposeful intention setting 🙂 New Year is a beautiful time to let go, reflect and rebirth yourself, and….if that just feels like too much, it’s also a beautiful time to go inwards, look at the moon, relax, and let yourself off the hook <3

Happy 2018 loves xx

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