So she held that moment, and looked for whatever was within it that would make her kinder and more loving, and took that with her as she moved forward into a new moment.

And she realised that it was so much easier to love unconditionally when she knew the connection was temporary, before all the usual hopes and fears and expectations had chance to infuse themselves into it and make it a false version of it’s true self. For where there is no truth, there is no reality, and isn’t that all she was really looking for? A few moments of authenticity, realness, connection: true unconditional, unencumbered love with another human being?

What would it look like if every connection was like that? Taken for exactly what is was and nothing more – an opportunity to be seen, and to love, and be loved, just for a moment, without any expectations or judgments or opinions. No right or wrong, good or bad….just you and me, in the here and now…. P.S. to those who gift others tokens to remember those moments, thank you x

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