Intention. It’s such a loaded word for me today. If my intention is unclear, does that mean I shouldn’t say anything? Should I keep my big mouth shut unless there’s only love coming out of it?

I teach that the answer is yes. If it’s not loving. Wait. Choose again.

But what about all the messy in between? The bits where I either don’t know what the hell my intention is because my feelings are all jumbled up, or I am semi aware my intention isn’t one of love but I just don’t have the strength in that moment to choose love instead. What then?

Like right now, I have no clear intention. Still feeling pretty close to love, but no idea how to convey the love I feel to you. No idea how to help more people feel peaceful in this moment. So all I can say is this:

You may not feel enough. I don’t either sometimes.
You may feel like you haven’t figured it out. There’s still time. Maybe it’s ok to be a work in progress.
You may feel unloveable. You’re not. I love you.
I may well not know you. And. I still love you.
You (I) can be a mess, and still be successful.

Intention is everything.
If you aren’t quite sure why you’re doing what you’re doing yet (or don’t even have a clue), it’s still ok to live your life anyway.

There are no mistakes. We can figure out the intention through seeing what doesn’t feel good, just as much as we can figure it out by seeing what does. And in the end, some of the greatest things are created with seemingly random acts

Photo taken at: Lower Antelope Canyon

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