I may not be who you want me to be, and I’ve definitely done the wrong things at the wrong time for the wrong reasons. Some may think it’s arrogant to forgive myself for things I’ve done which have hurt others, but if we cannot move past the pain and resentment of the past, we have no chance at finding peace in the present, and I choose peace. It doesn’t help you to have me relive my past and my guilt. We don’t need more hate in the world, we need more love.

A funny thing happens when you let the past go: you fall into a deeper integrity with yourself. You are able to make better choices because your ego isn’t keeping you focusing on who you were and what sort of person you ‘should’ be. Instead, you can just focus on what feels peaceful, and what feels kind. There’s no conflict between what I want and what you want: I’m pretty certain we both want a kinder and more loving space to exist

Photo taken at: New Polzeath

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