I don’t work for money anymore. That might sound stupid, given I charge my clients for counselling, but for the last few years I’ve consciously chosen to work because I want to help people, and because I love what I do, not because I want peoples’ money.

Now I’m able to make life and work essentially two sides of the same coin – everything is a question of what feels most loving and kind, whether that’s supporting my clients or having an impromptu bbq on the beach.

Maybe I’ve had the benefit of choosing to live a simple life and not having dependants, but a few years ago I looked at the way I was working – trying to sell big programmes and get people to commit to multiple sessions with me, so I could feel secure in my income. It felt off. It felt like, instead of being able to focus on helping people, I was focusing on what I needed from them.

Instead, I decided that I would work in a way that helped people, and made me feel good, and do whatever else I was guided to do and trust that because I was helping people, and doing my best to choose love over fear, I would be supported to continue to do so.

I appreciate that taking that leap of faith is huge and scary, but I can tell you that my practice tripled within three months or so of making this decision and consciously reaffirming to myself that I was supported. If I don’t have that many clients one month, I go do some volunteering or find another way to help. I keep reaffirming that I am supported. Without trying, my practice grew, perhaps because my energy was one of helpfulness instead of fear and needing, who knows.

Every now and again I have a quiet month with my clients (because I ask them to book when they want instead of forcing them into a regular contract) and those lack and scarcity thoughts creep in. In those moments, I ask myself, do I want to respond to this from a place of love (how can I be more helpful?) or from a place of fear (what can I do to get the money in?). No matter what is happening, I trust that it is an opportunity for me to choose love, and more and more, I am (it’s working out way better than when I kept choosing fear).

I thought working in this way would mean more second jobs and less doing work I loved, but actually the opposite happened. I was able to leave my second job and even when I feel I’ve been quiet, my counselling work invariably covers everything I need.

I am insanely grateful for the life I have and how I get to contribute. This is a life I created with conscious, moment to moment choices of love, instead of fear. Don’t ever let your ego tell you that you can’t have a truly fulfilling life, you can.

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