Don’t rush to feel what’s in your heart.
Don’t try to analyse it and decipher it or rush through it.

Just feel it.

Sit there, and be with it.
Confusion, pain, unknowing, joy. Don’t rush through it. It is there for your experience of it, not your analysis.

There are nothing but more feelings after these feelings. They never go away. They just shape-shift into different ones.

Right now I do not know how to feel.
I do not know how I feel: how I should feel, or how I want to feel.
I can’t quite grasp hold of the feeling, and yet my mind is already working on solutions to the ‘problem’ of my feeling this way.

I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about you. I still can’t figure it out.

I do not need to ‘fix’ my feelings. I don’t need to rush to figure them out. I just need to be with them and let them unfold

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