And so she wandered, though the space in her own mind, and realised, perhaps for the first time, that all the pain she’d suffered, seemingly at the hands of others, she inflicted upon herself: to remember, to hold sacred, and to continue to use to torture herself, long after the dream ended. And so she resisted the change: the healing, because it had been so easy. After years of trying, and fighting with herself, she realised that the truth was there right in front of her the whole time, and all she had to do was look behind the wall she’d built through her own fear, and accept it. Somehow, it seemed it had been better to continue to fight, to reaffirm her rightness and justify her judgements, than to admit that she had been wrong all along, and it really didn’t matter what had happened in the past. To find true peace, it only required one thing: forgiveness. And the moment she relinquished the need to be right, to keep score and store the points she’d supposedly won for being the ‘bigger person’, healing flooded through her, and she recognised that the peace she had so longed for, had been with her all along

Photo taken at: New Polzeath

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