Here’s the thing: I crave real conversation. I want connection. I want to talk about real stuff: not just the surface level bullshit and the “just think happy thoughts and everything will be fine” crap.
Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s absolutely terrifying and traumatic. Sometimes we search for that one thing to hold on to to keep us going. Not all of us find it.

And for those who do; for those who find a way through, of coping and eventually moving through into something better, there is space for more.

Space to really connect with another human being. To look into someone’s eyes and be honoured to witness some part of them, and, in return, to not gloss over the bs and actually share some of yourself, even when it isn’t flattering.

I was blessed with a couple of conversations like this whilst in Sri Lanka, with people I may never see again.
These conversations are what renew me, sustain me and remind me of all that life entails – the good, bad and ugly, and that, ultimately….we need each other… So this is by way of a thank you: to the people who were open enough to go deeper with me, whether I thanked you at the time or not, I really loved our conversation. Here’s to another one soon!

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