Connection is two people, interlacing their freedom, and choosing to be present to each other in that moment.

When that moment passes, we choose again.

And so she made her choice.
She chose herself, everytime:
It was the only choice to make.
For she understood why: that people only ever hurt her from a lack of understanding, a lack of clarity, or from a place of fear.
She recognised that she was the master of her fate, and she could choose herself, without putting up walls that would prevent light from entering, and allow herself to soften into her own compassion.
When she became able to remain open, to forgive herself and the other, there was a space for love to enter, and heal. This was her choice.

This is what connection is about. It’s about trusting another person enough to risk being hurt: to keeping your sovereignty and knowing what is right for you, whilst being open to allowing someone to show you what’s in their heart, and respecting their choices

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