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From fear to love…

With my hand on my heart, I welcome you. Thank you for being here, with me, now. Thank you for showing up for yourself, and meeting me here.

Presence is what brings me into every moment, and it’s my intention to continue to be a container for love, and a reflection of my own Truth, as well as yours. This is my work. This is your work. With every person who chooses to show up and connect, deeply, into who they are (who we all are), the more ripples of love we spread out into the world. More love is always good.

I’m learning to feel comfortable feeling deeply vulnerable. I’ve learned to share more and, in doing so, I create stronger and more intimate and fulfilling connections. There is a beautiful quote from Jeff Foster about Truth and love, and I wanted to share it with you, to encapsulate the sort of connection which I’ve found facilitates the deepest and most profound changes for my clients, and defines the way I like to work perfectly:


Let’s not commit to a future together. The future is so unknown, and we are so fluid, and tired of pretending that we know.

Our thoughts and feelings are ever-changing, uncontrollable, like a wild ocean of love.

Our desires wax and wane; our dreams are born and die in every moment.

Let’s not commit to a form of love. The forms are always shifting, like the tides.

We do not need security here. We are not seeking comfort, but Truth.

Let’s make a deeper commitment; one that cannot be broken or lost.

To presence. To meeting in the here-and-now.

To bringing all of ourselves. To knowing, and letting ourselves be known.

To telling the truth, today; knowing that our truth may change tomorrow.

To bowing before each other, even if our hearts are broken and tender.

No promises, no guarantees.

Jeff Foster

Beautiful, no? This is my intention for every connection I make, whether it’s one email exchange or a lifetime partnership. I want to know what you feel right now, in this moment, and I want you to feel safe to feel it, whatever it might be. I want you to find the worthiness and peacefulness you crave.

I invite you to explore the rest of this space using the links at the top of the page or below to find out more about me and how I can support you.


You are more than enough. You are perfect.


From my heart to yours, I honour you – Namaste,

Emma x

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Conscious Conversations

Conscious Conversations

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Raving Praise

What I realise now is that I am most in tune with the world when I am in tune with MYSELF. Whenever I listen to my intuition I know how I truly, deeply, authentically feel about something. It’s powerful stuff!

So just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for what you do, for your work and for being so AWESOME!

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Thank you for opening the door of a new life chapter and leading me through from the dark in to the light and hope.

You are a remarkable lady with a big warm heart and I am forever grateful for all your help.

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Please stop thinking that by looking after yourself, you’ll hurt others or make them suffer. What is best for you, can only ever be what is also best for them.
If you create a boundary, you give them a structure, and allow them to make themselves accountable for their actions. You stop them from hurting you, and consequently give them the opportunity to be more loving.

By choosing a direction which disappoints another, you allow them the space to heal and accept that which wasn’t in alignment for either of you.

By following your heart, you allow others to see your light, and, by default, recognise their own.

My highest and best and your highest and best are always aligned, even when it might not seem like it straight away

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The rescuer

The rescuer

She reached out her hand. Not sure if he would understand, not sure if she would be accepted, not sure if he knew what she wanted, but she offered it nonetheless. All the conversations had been had. She just offered this, herself, a connection, a bridge between two people. A hope for some sort of silent recognition. This, yes this, was all that was needed. He didn’t need to fix anything, or change something, or find the right words to say. He just needed to take her hand, and let her know he understood.
To those of us who have often taken up the role of the Fixer, or the Rescuer, know this: your loved one isn’t sharing their pain so you can be a hero. They’re not sharing it because they need you to take away their pain. They’re sharing because it feels lighter when someone sees them, when someone acknowledges, Yes. I know this hurts for you. I’m sorry you’re hurting. What can I do?
When you forget to ask what you can do, and sit with your own need to rescue, instead of recognising their need to be seen and heard, to have someone tell them it’s OK to feel how they feel, what they hear is this: “You’re feelings are bad. I can’t handle you being sad. It makes me too uncomfortable so you have to stop. I feel impotent unless I have an active role, so I’m going to follow my own agenda to do what I think I need to do to fix this. It doesn’t matter what you need. My needs are the most important. I’m not listening to you.” I know you don’t mean this, but this is what they hear. You don’t need to rescue or be a hero, you need to give her what she’s missing – compassion, and an allowance to take up space, however she feels. Give her back the control she feels she has lost in the midst of her pain.

If this resonates, or you want to understand more about how this all looks in practice, let’s chat about how we can work together – I offer 121 coaching online and am taking on new clients now

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Because it came down to this….where did she feel light? Where was the fun? What happened when she let go of her expectations and need to control, and instead treated life as the game it was – her own playground full of experiments and things to learn from.

It didn’t have to be as serious as she’d once thought. She didn’t have to have all the answers before she’d even figured out the questions. She could play. She could play on the edges of her comfort zone and see what landed, and what wasn’t for her. No Big Deal. If something didn’t fit, or wasn’t aligned, or she made a mis-take, she could take what she’d learned and course-correct. It was her choice to create drama or ill-feeling, or instead choose the lighter option. Life was her playground. Nothing was irreversible. Everything could be decided on the lightness of the feeling it gave her. She was the master of her fate.

How would it change things if you started treating life as a playground with a series of experiments to see what you liked and what you didn’t? Instead of coming up with all the reasons why that isn’t practical, why not do your own experiment and try it for a bit? 📸 Tilly c. 2015

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