You may not know this, but if you got yourself to this page, you’re probably a lot like me.

That’s a good thing, because it means we can be a perfect match together

and help you fall madly in love with your life.

There are three things you need to know about working with me:

I’m not going to wave a magic wand and fix you. What I will do, is hold your hand as we

jump head first into your emotions

and teach you how to feel again, find your centre and figure out who you are and what you want.

I am not your mum, sister, BFF or work colleague.

I am your safe space. I’m the place you get real

and raw with your emotions and expose your soul with true and uncensored honesty. These aren’t one off programmes. What you learn with me about yourself will shape and guide the rest of your adult life. It’s a game-changer, and it might mean you end up needing to make some

pretty drastic life changes in order to stay true to yourself and be happy – that’s what

reconnecting with yourself is all about.

ways to work with me

Transformative Meditations & Yoga

A collection of meditation audios and at home courses covering everything from forgiving yourself, finding your purpose and learning to meditate to starting your own at home yoga practice. I’ve got you covered! Learn More

Integrative Counselling


Integrative counselling working with you, exactly where you are right now. Supportive, non-judgmental and completely objective. Meet me online & talk things through today. Learn More

Life Coaching

Laser-focused life coaching with lots of heart, I’ll use my intuition, training and years of experience to call you out on any of the blocks I can feel for you. Conducted online over secure video and tailored for your needs. Learn More

If you often find yourself thinking:

~ I feel lost in my life

~ I get worried or stressed thinking about all the stuff I have to do, and don’t even know where to start

~ My relationships aren’t as good as I want them to be; I keep picking the wrong people and get hurt or mess things up somehow

~ I’m forever beating myself up or being hard on myself for not being where I think I need to be in my life, or for things I think I’ve done wrong

then, with compassion and empathy, I’m telling you that you need to do something.

Loving compassion.

Do you know what defines you? Do you know what makes you unique and beautiful?

It’s OK if you don’t. That’s why I’m here to help. It might not seem like it now but you will know. You will understand that you are a person in your own right, that you have a purpose and wants and needs and you will understand the true value in looking after yourself and those wants and needs, lovingly and compassionately.

Sometimes you have to look after you.

When I was in the lowest of my low points, I thought my life wasn’t worth living. I didn’t even know who I was anymore. If you don’t know who you are, it makes it a lot easier not to care about what you do and whether you’re here or not.

I am passionate about helping you,

using all the tools I have gathered over the years like therapy, yoga, meditation and mindfulness. I believe that each and every person has a beautiful and unique soul and that, by learning how to love themselves, they can lead a life full of love and joy. One by one, the world becomes a happier and more positive place, with each person looking at themselves, and the people around them, with love and compassion, instead of judgment and hate.

Giving you permission to feel

Tears, butterflies, tingling, laughter, heartbreak. I want you to feel it all! Maybe you’re around people or in a culture where displays of emotion aren’t the done thing (I’m English – I totally get it). Maybe you got hurt so badly you decided it was better to restrict your emotions so everything stayed kinda level.

Maybe you got so busy you just forgot how to feel.

I am going to give you back your permission to feel. We’ll reteach your brain how to feel and create a space that’s so safe you’ll feel completely comfortable working through any of the tough emotions you pushed into a box labelled ‘deal with later never’. This opening and expansion, even when challenging, allows you to have confidence in yourself and who you are. When you know who you are as a person, you know your values, wants, needs, likes, dislikes and what you’ll tolerate and what you won’t.

It makes you strong, magnetic and beautiful.

Just because we’re all different, and that’s awesome, I tailor-make all my packages for my lovely clients. If we decide to work together, we decide together how long we’ll work together for and what format the sessions will take.

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