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Actions over words

I can talk a good talk, but if my actions aren’t in integrity with what I’m saying, thinking and feeling, I have nothing, and people will feel that.

I make a lot of “mistakes” in the name of learning, but I also use those misaligned moments to recalibrate and choose another way.

Let’s choose to have our actions represent who we truly are, to show love rather than fear, and to help us heal rather than separate.
What’s come before is not now. What do you choose now? How can you choose to be more loving and authentic with yourself?

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Which wolf will you feed?

Which wolf will you feed?

Even through turbulent times, we must remain focused. We must remember why we do this, what we hope for, what we are grateful for, and what we love.

Love is the common ground. It is the key to all the happiness we have, and all the happiness that is flowing into our lives.
We can choose love, over and over again, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of the pain: we can ask to see with love. That is our choice. It is our blessing.

We can forget that for a minute, or maybe even years, but it doesn’t matter how long it takes us to remember, once we do, our lives change for the better.

Artwork unknown – please credit if known

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And just like that, she remembered who she was.
She found herself once more: the part she had lost in the rubble and the angst of other peoples’ pain.
And though the memory of her own pain was still fresh, she knew now that the strength and grace she once felt had never truly left her.
Picking herself back up, and letting go of the parts of herself and the people in her life who no longer offered her reciprocity for her love, she took her first tentative steps forward, learning to trust herself to be open again, one step at a time

Photo taken at: Wales

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Start by making yourself happy

Take that anyway you want, but happiness can and will only ever be an inside job. If you’re not happy, take responsibility and look at yourself and how you can make yourself happier.

P.s. I know this sounds easier than it often is, but that’s where loving yourself enough to ask for help and support comes in. More people than you think have felt how you’ve felt, you just have to be brave enough to ask

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Just because you care about people, doesn’t mean you have to be there for all of them. Friendship, relationships, interactions: they’re all an exchange of energy. If the energy exchange isn’t balanced, if boundaries are being crossed, it’s on you to make the changes you need to make to keep yourself balanced and happy. Do not blame someone else for your lack of boundaries.
Sometimes that means caring from a distance, sometimes it means challenging conversations, and sometimes it means walking away completely.
This does not make you a bad person. It doesn’t make you judgemental. It doesn’t mean you think you’re better than someone else.
It means you know yourself and what you need

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Is it worth it?

If you’re investing your time, love or energy into something or someone and it’s not making you happy, it’s time to withdraw your effort and put it into the people and things who value you and make you feel good

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If taking the ‘easy’ route feels uncomfortable; if you still think you have to achieve or accomplish something in order to receive (like a reward), you are yet to understand the depth of your own self worth, and that you are deserving of receiving simply by the virtue of being alive.

Do something because it feels good to do it, not because you feel like you should or have to. If you lean into your own joy, you are contributing in a way you could never do through fear or obligation

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I want

I want the grit
and the heart
I want the warrior
and the warmth
I want it all
because I am it all.

I am the good,
and the bad
the truth
and the lies
the fighter
and the pacifist.

And if I see all that in myself,
I also see it in you

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Control vs Love

Ah – control vs love, possibly one of the biggest challenges we face – learning to love, whilst being vulnerable enough to know that we can’t control how that love, and consequently we, is / are received.
Tip: self love beats external love every time, because that is something we can control 💕

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