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What is meant for you

Photo Caption: “Nothing meant to be in your life will ever require you to abandon yourself to keep it.”

I slightly misquoted this (sorry!), but you get the point. Never abandon yourself under some illusion that you need something in your life that requires you to be different to who you are. If it requires you to be something you’re not, or deny how you feel, it’s not for you. Walk away. Make space for what is meant for you

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I don’t care what you’ve done

Please go read this in it’s entirety – it’s not my work, but I love it, and perhaps, you may find comfort in the humanness of it ↪

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Who sees you?

Who are the people who really SEE you? .
Who are the ones who refuse to believe the stories you tell yourself and consistently challenge you to step into your true power? Keep these people close, and be grateful for how uncomfortable they sometimes make your ego feel

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If I can trust myself,
I can trust you,
And know that it’ll be ok,
Even if it’s not.

Before you get vulnerable, ask yourself, can I share this with you, and be ok, regardless of your response? Do I trust myself enough to hold myself, no matter what you say or don’t say?
Can I take responsibility for my feelings, regardless of yours? Do I need you to validate or hear me, in order for me to feel ok about what I’m sharing?

Learn to trust yourself, before you trust anyone else

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There is love,
Waiting for you,
In the dark places of your heart,
In the fear of the unknown,
In the taking of risks
Waiting for you, to choose it

Photo taken at: Midigama East, Sri Lanka

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Even when stuff happens that I don’t expect. Even when it hurts. Even when it feels impossible.

The only thing we can ever do is come back to what feels true for us. Staying in alignment. Loving ourselves more.

Everything is perfect. Whatever has happened has happened for us. To help us grow. To help us love. To help us release the fear we carry around like a shield to the outside world.

Softening into truth. Trusting in the process. Surrendering. Life is just a series of experiences – we can choose to embrace them, or not

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Connection is two people, interlacing their freedom, and choosing to be present to each other in that moment.

When that moment passes, we choose again.

And so she made her choice.
She chose herself, everytime:
It was the only choice to make.
For she understood why: that people only ever hurt her from a lack of understanding, a lack of clarity, or from a place of fear.
She recognised that she was the master of her fate, and she could choose herself, without putting up walls that would prevent light from entering, and allow herself to soften into her own compassion.
When she became able to remain open, to forgive herself and the other, there was a space for love to enter, and heal. This was her choice.

This is what connection is about. It’s about trusting another person enough to risk being hurt: to keeping your sovereignty and knowing what is right for you, whilst being open to allowing someone to show you what’s in their heart, and respecting their choices

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No matter what our circumstances, I challenge you not to be so completely in awe of nature – this view shows up for me every night, right from my kitchen window. I am so incredibly grateful to be humbled so profoundly every night and made to realise that I am such a small part of an insanely beautiful universe

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It’s always something

It’s always something.
If you’re feeling it.
If it’s happening.
It’s something.
Don’t dismiss what’s going on with you as nothing, or say you’re fine when you’re not.
It’s something. You’re something. It’s ok to acknowledge that

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