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Three steps to reducing overwhelm and taking control

Imagine closing your eyes, and opening them to a feeling of calm and serenity Life is not always easy. There's always someone who wants or needs our attention, and we want to give it to them. We love them. We want them to be happy. Sometimes even more than we want...

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A Manifesto for Living in Truth

I felt inspired to write this as a way of sharing some of my soul, with yours. I share this information not to say that if we don't agree, you're wrong and I'm right, but to give you some insight about what drives me. If we have some stuff in common, that's great, and...

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The one thing most of us miss when setting intentions

I'm going to say this quickly, in the hope that it will sink in more powerfully. If you're setting intentions, wanting to make changes, wishing your life was different, feeling ready to uplevel or what ever else, the one thing most of us miss, is commitment.  ...

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Don’t let anyone tell you the ‘best’ way

There are lots of people out there who give you advice. I am one of those people. I'm doing it right now. I recognise the irony of this. Nevertheless, I'm asking you to hear me out, then make sure that whenever you're listening to anyone, you check in with yourself,...

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How to trust someone

So you've been reading all about this vulnerability lark, or you've watched Brene Brown's TED talk, and it seems really logical from the outside, but the reality is, there are certain people you just can't open up to. There are certain people you can be yourself...

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