Emma Brooke

Redefining selfishness by giving yourself permission to feel

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Happy, angry, sad, laughter, tears, joy…

emotions are what tell us we’re alive.

Without them we feel numb, isolated and begin to question what the point is. Living your life vicariously through other people is thought of as a bit of a joke for pushy mums, but what if, through no fault of your own, not through conscious choice anyway, that’s what you’ve ended up doing?

How do you even begin to work out who you are again?

What you want? How you feel?!


When everything feels too much like hard work and things aren’t flowing in the right direction, I step in and together we find your center again by redefining selfishness and giving you permission to feel.

Hi! I’m Emma.

I work with beautiful,

intelligent, compassionate and spiritual ladies

like you, who have somehow stepped away from their true selves and aren’t entirely sure how to get themselves back again. In my signature program, I take you step by step over an eight week period

from overwhelm and mental exhaustion

to selfish-centeredness

– knowing what you want, what you need and how you can make yourself and those you love feel fulfilled and complete.


I’m a random mix of

logic and intuition

and a yogi on a mission to teach people about ‘selfish-centering’. I 100% believe that the most important thing we can do

for our well-being is be selfish

and give ourselves permission to actually feel our feelings;

good, bad or indifferent;

accepting ourselves and every facet of ourselves, including our feelings, is the only way to truly be comfortable in our own skin (a lesson I learnt the hard way!).

I spend my time identifying truths,

challenging beliefs and empowering people to feel again.

Remember that? Actually feeling something? I went on my own journey to feel again and

redefined selfishness for myself

when I overcame depression and an eating disorder in my early twenties. It also inspired me to complete my Yoga Teacher Training and Advanced Counselling Diploma. My compassion, therapeutic experience and yogic philosophy connect mind, body and soul beautifully.

If you are: intelligent, compassionate and spiritual but also:

overwhelmed, ‘off kilter’, or fed up then we REALLY need to talk.


Eight weeks, you and me, a one on one intensive treatment for your body, mind and soul. Figure out your blocks and rediscover your selfish side with unlimited support from yours truly. Learn More
A one-off session to focus in on your biggest stumbling block right now in getting you from unaware numbness to selfish consciousness. It’s all about the mindset shift in this one – becoming aware of yourself and your blocks is the first step to making a change towards happiness. Learn More
Six meditations to download right now covering everything from healing past hurts, confidence, learning to attract opportunity and happiness in to your life, forgiveness to figuring out your purpose. I’ve got you covered! Learn More

Raving Praise

I have a new awareness around what I need most at the moment, which is to fully engage with my power – the opportunity to build on this is fantastic. I feel as if I have been plugged into an electric socket! All jangly. Also, you gave me an amazing (and very useful) bit of intuitiveread more… Anna, Yorkshire

When I came to you I was feeling stressed generally and negative about my future. I was lonely. You allowed me to fix me, which was very important. I loved how some suggestions, aimed at one thing, opened up a whole new other area for me.. I never cease to be amazed at that. read more… Kim, Queensland

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